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Mobile Nails | Manicure & Pedicure At Home

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Mobile Manicures and Pedicures in the comfort of your own home.

Book Mobile Beauty & Wellness Services from a community of Trusted Professionals, anywhere, anytime.

Whether it’s a Manicure, a Pedicure or a Mani-Pedi. We bring the salon to you.

Operating in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Perth & Adelaide.

We visit Homes. Hospitals. Aged Care Facilities. Offices. Hotels & more.

Available 7 days a week.

Book a Nail Technician to receive a Manicure or Pedicure in the comfort of your own home with Purely Polished.

1. Book.

Click Book Now, and follow the steps in booking your appointment with your choice of treatment(s), location, time and date.

2. Match.

You will be matched with a Mobile Nail Technician. Once your booking is confirmed and accepted by a professional, payment will be processed! 

3. Enjoy.

We’ll let you know when we’re on our way, so keep an eye out for emails and notifications! All that’s left to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy being pampered in comfort – wherever you are, anytime, anywhere!

Our Mobile Nail Service Price Menu.

If you’re looking for a mindful gift, skip the conventional flower or chocolate. Instead, purchase a Purely Polished e-gift voucher to pamper your loved one with ease.

  • The best gifts for your wife, your friend, your colleague, your sister – even something for all husbands and men too!

  • Once you’ve selected which voucher you want to purchase, you will be taken through the process to either send the voucher straight to the recipient or send it to yourself to forward to your recipient.

    You can write a message to be included in the e-voucher, which will be sent with a unique code for their voucher.

  • All you need to do is go to our online booking page and input your unique voucher code into the “Redeem Discount Code” field

    Depending on your voucher type, you can either redeem the value of your voucher against treatment of your choice or the specific treatment that has been chosen for you

    Any remaining credit will remain on your voucher for 12 months and can be applied to your next purchase

    If you decide to choose a service of higher value, you will be able to pay the difference

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Comfortable.

    Booking a mobile nail service with Purely Polished empowers you to manage your beauty needs, from the comfort of your own home. Don’t sit in a salon with 20+ other people. Don’t wait for hours in a public setting. Control your space and your environment.

    Don’t sacrifice your comfort.


    Booking Purely Polished is seamless and easy. To book Purely Polished, select your service type and create your booking order. Once you’ve put your order through, we work to match you with a professional who can deliver your requirements (ie)

    • An SNS Nail Technician

    • In Sydney 2000

    • At time 6pm, for date 11th of April.

    When your booking has been accepted by a professional, you will receive all the necessary updates via text and email. “Tania has accepted your booking”. “Tania is on the way”.


    The luxury of technology now allows you to book a local nail technician to provide you with a manicure or pedicure, delivered to your doorstep. Whether it’s between meeting as you work from home #WFH, early mornings before a big big day, after hours once the kids are asleep, or simply because it’s a lifestyle you want to adopt.

    Mobile nail services cannot compare to the luxuries that physical salons can create. However, the luxury of time, efficiency and control come into play where you decide what you prefer.

  • Purely Polished was established to provide an alternative solution for those who cannot go into a salon.

    Whether you’re pregnant, a busy worker, a person with little or no mobility, or simply just want a better way to manage your beauty & wellness appointments, our solution is here to ensure a more boundless and inclusive community through technology and convenience.

  • A qualified nail technician visits you in your home, office or hotel to ensure that no matter the occasion, you’ll be ready to shake hands like a boss. Available as individual manicures/pedicures or a mani-pedi.

  • Booking the best nail technician is a piece of cake with Purely Polished. All you need to do is: click on Book Now, choose the service you need, and check out.

    You’ll receive notifications on the registered phone number promptly regarding the updates, so there’s no fuss at all.

  • The definition of luxury and value comes into play when comparing the differences between salons and mobile. Where traditionally we see luxury as a treat to pamper yourself in an environment where you receive VIP treatment, modern individuals now look for luxuries of time, self-care and convenience. Read our article: How Purely Polished makes a difference in people’s lives with Mobile Services V Traditional, to get a deeper read into the comparative differences.

  • We service Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide. We work within a 50km radius around each CBD. If you’re situated outside of these cities, get in touch with us to put in a special request!

  • A mobile nail service means a mobile nail technician comes to your home. With factors like travelling, labour and unique demands, the cost to operate is much higher than a salon.

    Our professionals choose Purely Polished to take back control of their skills. We are here to pay higher than an average salon, whilst also ensuring quality, consistency and luxury.

  • Yes. Accessibility and empowerment is at the heart of why we do what we do. No matter the situation, we are here to bring on-demand services to you.

  • Yes. We have beauty professionals on our platform who solely use non-toxic/ vegan products. Depending on your location and availabilities, book your service today and include a note of the request for non-toxic/vegan products.

  • Not at all! At Purely Polished, we have a fleet of vehicles equipped with the required salon equipment to deliver an on-demand nail service.

    We come armed with everything, including towels, nail polish, nail kits, oil, bowls, brushes, lighting and more! To find out more, visit our article to read on ‘How to prepare for a nail appointment with Purely Polished’.

  • Our Beauty & Wellness Professionals are here to cater to any needs. Whether you’re a mother with kids, living in an aged care home or simply need to aid with some things around the house, our professionals are flexible and here for you.

  • YES! If you’re looking to add spice to your nails through art and design, simply add it to your booking order details, or get in touch with us to triple-check! We have professionals who have nail art on their profiles. As long as you specify that your appointment is inclusive of nail art, you will be matched with the professional you’re looking for.

  • At Purely Polished, we have a range of mani-pedi options you can choose from. Click on the Book Now button, and choose the type of nail service you need. You can then view the prices for every service, and check out quickly by entering the required details.

    It’s as simple as it sounds, so book your manicure today!

We also service nail services for Group Events, Corporate, Sydney Weddings, campaign activations, and even offer discounted rates for our Aged Care and NDIS clients!.

Whether it’s for a hens night, a baby shower, a pamper for kids, a birthday party or the theme for your next girls’ night in, Purely Polished have you covered in turning your next event into something more special. Companies that have engaged Purely Polished to boost employee engagement and productivity with office manicures include Salesforce, Westpac, Tiffany’s & Co, L’Oreal, Pandora, Seven West Media, Travelex and many more.

We are a modern solution.