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Mobile Brow Tint & Shape Services | Book a beautician for your brows!


Mobile Brow Tint, Shape, and Lash Lift Services.

Our Mobile Beauty range has evolved mobile brow services where we bring eyebrow beauticians near you to tint, shape, and or lift your brows!

At Purely Polished, we bring expert eyebrow tinting, shaping, and lifting directly to you. Our professional beauticians personalize each service to match your face shape, hair color, and features, ensuring you get the perfect look.

How do you shape your eyebrows?

We all know about the at-home DIY eyebrow tutorials on how to shape our brows, finding out what our ideal brow shape is, and what the best eyebrow shapes are for your face, but maybe take a minute and ask a professional instead! Anyone can walk to Woolworths and purchase an eyebrow tint kit, or the 1000-hour eyebrow tint from Priceline or Chemist Warehouse, but let us help you perfect the look for you.

Our Services

Brow Tinting

Enhance your natural brow color with our professional tinting services. We use high-quality products to achieve long-lasting, beautiful results that suit your hair color and skin tone.

Brow Shaping

Our shaping services are designed to create the perfect brow arch and definition for your face. We consider your facial structure and preferences to deliver a look that enhances your natural beauty.

Brow Lifting

Give your brows a lift with our brow lifting service, designed to create a fuller, more defined look. This treatment adds volume and shape, making your eyes stand out.