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Our mission at Purely Polished is to improve workplace culture by integrating Beauty and Wellness services into daily business practices. We strive to create an environment where employees and partners can thrive both personally and professionally, leading to productivity and success.

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We provide additional corporate services that makes us a seamless, one-stop-shop.

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For Managers. Agencies. Businesses. Retail. Brands. Employees. Benefits. Gifts and more!

We cater for…

Business Managers & Teams.

If you’re organising your next team celebration, Purely Polished is the perfect way to host a creative and special experience for your team to indulge. From office pamper ideas, to massage and relaxing treats, our professionals are here to provide VIP treatments with Beauty & Wellness Services.

Marketing & PR Agencies.

Planning a big event or activation? Engage our organised, professional team to make it happen. With experience working at major events for Fashion Week, Priceline, Myer, Shopping Centres and more - we work best to the brief to deliver a great experience for your campaign.

Property & Community Managers.

People’s relationship with work has changed, where with vacancy rates, the Hybrid Model and the Loneliness Epidemic circulating the world of property and community managers, there is a greater emphasis on Wellness and Self Care of which can help provide for your next creative strategy.

Corporate Massage.

Purely Polished wraps wellness and massage in a perfect way, for you and your corporate needs. Here to drive and advocate for a healthy mindset to all things life, Purely Polished is here to provide a seamless solution for you to incorporate work-life balance within the daily lives of individuals.

Charities & Sponsored Events.

Our involvement in communities for a great social cause helps Purely Polished realise its mission to empower and enable individuals with new solutions in the Beauty & Wellness industry that’s inclusive and boundless. Enquire today and write to us about your needs. We’d love to chat and see what we can do for you!

Institutions (Aged Care, Hospitals, NDIS).

Hospitals and aged care facilities such as Bupa Aged Care facilities and Hurstville Private Hospital love our monthly retainers for their customers, where we even give all new mums a complimentary Express Pedicure! With a unique process for our NDIS and Aged Care clients, contact us to see what promos we can give you today!

In-store Retail.

Looking to get foot traffic into your shop? Book an in-store activation with Purely Polished to provide a unique experience and ignite interest in customers to walk in and indulge. A perfect way to create noise about your brand - available with hourly rates or packaged solutions.

White Labelled Services.

We understand the importance of branding, and we are here to cater to all your needs - including white labelled work. We do like to request for testimonials, collateral and approval to post about our time together - but with uniforms and products - the power is within you.

Our Corporate Range of Item Services you can add to your Menu.

Seamless & Digital Management.

Get access to your very own booking link for your people to book their own appointments. Followed by confirmation emails, reminders and cancellation/rescheduling capabilities, we even provide a report schedule of all your bookings!

Your established & trusted partner.

Purely Polished has been running corporate services for over five years, with established processes and management to ensure the best experience. We are well-experienced and backed by a dedicated team.

Marketing & Events Services.

We design, print, deliver and create banners. We have event management services for set up, pack up, decorations and styling. We create EDMs and content for you to push out to your community. We do it all!